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I have a lot of blogs and I have made some friends via those blogs. And so, as often happens…

Let me insert this. I have decided that it is very  much not a good idea to get to know owners of vacation lodging (B&B’s, cabin properties where the owners reside on-site, and other small inns, etc.) or proprietors of small local businesses. It starts out just great, you feel like the guy from Cheers, so happy that everyone knows his name, but ultimately it becomes a drawback. I had to finally stop going to a vacation destination that I loved because everyone liked me and we had such nice chats. So, after driving for nine hours, I would get there just wanting to get my cabin key and pour a bit of libation over ice and sit for a moment on my porch enjoying the country air. But no, I got hauled into the owners’ house, hugs all around, let’s catch up since I was there last. They meant well and I am not faulting them–after all, they had had a normal day and this was something new to add to that. But it was prolonging my time before porch libation, and I was so bug-eyed and tired from the drive that I didn’t feel like chatting endlessly about what we had all been doing for the last six months. So I finally just stopped going there and switched to someplace I could announce my arrival, exchange a minute or two of pleasantries, and be on my way to my little home away from home. I also made the mistake of getting to know the owner of the local liquor store. I now know all about the problems he had with his father-in-law when he got married, and other bits of trivia about his life. It reached a point where it would be rude for me to go in, select an item from the shelf, pay for it with a smile and a “how are you?” and be out the door and on my way home. I finally started sending my husband in for my purchases. To summarize, there is a lot to be said for anonymity, and I am striving for that.

…I feel constrained by my associations with the friends I made via my other blogs. If I want to write a post about something annoying, one of them may think it relates to them. And it very well might. Maybe I want to talk about something I haven’t shared with them, while cloaked in anonymity. So I am starting this blog. I don’t know you (probably), and you don’t know me (probably), and that’s great.


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