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What a day. I hate buying new computers, it’s always the start of a long journey of frustration. This one required an hour-long phone call to India for tech support. The person I talked to was very nice, and the call was a little better than usual since I had nothing vested in this computer so if it couldn’t be fixed, I hadn’t lost anything, I would just take it back. With that in mind, it was easy to be calm and chatty with the guy. It was 11 at night there. He was in a small town. They were in a monsoon. When we were done he thanked me for bringing the smile back to his face and said “May happiness touch your feet.” No one has actually ever said that to me before. I can’t say I quite understand it, though.

Next came the Photoshop debacle. I got Photoshop 5 (not CS5, version 5 of Photoshop) back around 1998 or so. I have been using that as my base and have only bought upgrades since. Well, my luck ran out. Evidently version 5 cannot be installed in Windows 7. So I found a copy of CS4, the one I prefer to CS5, on Ebay and ordered that. I suppose it was time for me to have a new full version… So no photo processing for a while, till that comes in.

Next came putting in  hubby’s email. He is about 99% computer illiterate so I have to do it. I don’t want him using my email client, and I would rather not have to keep signing in to my iGoogle account since he has used it for his account, so I needed a separate program for him to use. I had to go through 3 to find one. His email is on our ISP. They require SSL security, but my AV program wants me to disable it so they can use their own security to scan email. Now we have two programs in there that seem to work with our ISP.

I haven’t even attempted to get the two printers to work with it yet. Another day for that.

It seems like a nice system and worked ok after talking to India and whatever tinkering he did to it. We’ll see. It will be frustrating if it goes back to not working after I have spent so much time getting our stuff on it….


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