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I haven’t actually checked, but I don’t think anyone reads this. Which makes it a great place to rant without bothering anyone.

I know about 7 people. Of those 7 people, 5 are idiots. Oh, you’re wondering why I only know 7 people. It’s because I live in a place that religion has by the throat, and I think religion is bunk. This makes me less than an ideal friend to anyone here. It’s not that I would tell them that I think their beliefs are bunk, particularly if they kept them to themselves and those beliefs did not have any impact one way or the other on our friendship, but that is not the way these people function. People who are “godless” are frightening, suspect, and to be avoided at all costs (lest ye be driven from the church for consorting with the godless). Given that I don’t pray before every meal and praise god and talk about how god helped me 100 times today and how nothing I do could be done without god’s help and blah blah blah, it becomes clear within an hour or two that I am godless. So….no local friends, except one, who is a compulsive liar, borderline agoraphobic, and who has 40 cats. No, really. And she’s not one of the ones who is an idiot!

Anyway, I digress. I think what bothers me the most is when you know someone through a casual email acquaintance, and then you find out, out of the blue, that they are a nutcase (btw, I did not include email friends in my 7 people…I email a lot of people but, as I am TRYING to tell you, I don’t consider that I actually know them).

There are too many idiots around. And their presence is made worse when they hide their idiocy until you think you kinda sorta know them and kinda like them. Whoops, there goes another person I thought I liked. Idiot. Misinformed, close-minded idiot.

Plus, you can’t complain to idiots about idiots; that just doesn’t work.

Ok, fine, I’ll stop talking to myself now.


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